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We have used Randy's Electric a few times. We have been happy, and satisfied with all aspects of their service each time. However, now we can add grateful to that list! As you see, our RE technician, Matt suggest last year that we replace our old, original to the house smoke detectors with new ones that had more updated technology. I knew this should be done and was on my "list to do". However, it was always on the bottom of the "list". After talking with him, I decided it was best to take it off the list and have RE do it for us. Matt and his partner stayed late that day and got all of our detectors updated.

Fast forward a year and we have to thank Matt and his partner once again for taking one item off our "list" and staying late that day in April. While home alone, a quick alert from the basement told our young, teenage daughter that something was amiss. After finding smoke from the top of the basement stairs, authorities were called and fire was put out. A year ago the basement detector was not in working order. Had Matt not suggested them replacing detectors that day, I am not sure we would be sleeping in our home today or what other tragedy may have happened. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Shelly D.
Jared is very knowledgeable and explained everything I need to bring my electricity up to today's standards, also what would need to be done to solve my electrical problem. Jared is very personable and easy to talk to.

Jared and Jack did great work replacing my electrical panel. Jared is going to put a bid to fix the things that were found to be bad that were not part of the panel quote. Both Jared and Jack work very well together. They are able together efficiently to get the job done. Hoping to see Jared again soon.

Jared and Guy worked very well together. They did a lot of work in my attic tracing problems and fixing them. They also did a great job putting in three LED Can lights in the kitchen. They did a very good job and cleaned up very well. We will gladly recommend Randy's Electric to others who may need electrical work.

Craig B.
Sorry, but we are unable to take new clients at this time.

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Tom is the most polite and professional electrician I have worked with. Outstanding customer service and explained the process in terms I could understand. Went out of his way to keep everything clean. He went out of his way to insure the job was done right and did extra work to help improve the ...

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The outlet by the dryer shorted out and currently doesn't work, probably needs replacement. The electricity is turned off via the circuit breaker. Can be fixed by early next week?

Chuck S

We had some wire ran a long time ago for a 30amp utility plug by another company. we paid for permits and all and we recently went to install the receptacle and we had no power after looking into it we noticed that they did not put in a 30amp breaker and left the wire in the box unconnected. We would like a quote on how much it would be to put in a 30amp breaker and connect the wires. we are not sure what wire it is but there are a few wires in the box so we may need find the correct ones and just connect the breaker. There are empty spaces to add the breaker we just need to confirm the wires. we have 10 gauge wires in the box where the receptacle is . 1 blue,1 black, 1 green, and another dark green. I would like to get know what is needed to get a estimate and know when you may be available to do the work

Victor M

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